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Off to the races: Hillary tops Jeb and Rubio in FL

Quinnipiac shows Hillary Clinton topping Jeb Bush (50%-43%) and Marco Rubio (53%-41%) in Florida. Vice President Biden, however, trails both – Bush 47%-43% and Rubio 45%-43%.

ALASKA: “Alaska Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell (R) on Tuesday announced he'll seek the Republican nomination for Senate — setting up a primary fight against failed 2010 GOP nominee Joe Miller,” The Hill reports.

MASSACHUSETTS:NBC’s Jessica Taylor: “One week before the vote, Republicans are arguing that the Massachusetts Senate special election is within their grasp, even as polls and outside spending tell a very different story.” More: “The biggest flashpoint between the two came when Markey questioned whether Gomez, who has supported term-limits, told Arizona Sen. John McCain, the only big-name Republican to come campaign for the GOP nominee, he should have quit after his last term. ‘No, you did not,’ Markey said, challenging Gomez. ‘Are you calling him a liar,’ the moderator R.D. Sahl asked Markey. ‘I’m saying that did not happen,’ the Democrat pushed back.”

The Boston Globe: “With only a week left before voters go to the polls, the two candidates for US Senate let loose tonight with their full arsenals in a heated third and final debate, driving home arguments that have resonated throughout the compressed special election calendar.”

AP: “Massachusetts’s special U.S. Senate election heads into its final stretch after Republican Gabriel Gomez and Democratic U.S. Rep. Edward Markey engaged in some testy exchanges during their final debate.”