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Off to the races: Jeb says Obama hasn't been respectful to Bush 43

Jeb Bush said on CNN that President Obama hasn’t been as respectful of his brother George W. Bush “as he should have been.” His brother "is like the most focused, disciplined guy — to imagine being a former president and not having an opinion on anything over the last four years? … Really? I mean, to have that discipline, to be respectful of the president that hasn't been as respectful of him as he should have been? Man, I could have never done that."

The AP: “Vice President Joe Biden will headline major Democratic fundraisers in South Carolina and Michigan, two states that could play a major role in the 2016 presidential election. … Biden will travel to Detroit in April to address the Michigan Democratic Party’s annual Jefferson Jackson Dinner. He’ll go to Columbia in May when South Carolina Democrats hold their dinner.”

USA Today: “Joe Biden's speaking schedule isn't going to quell talk of his presidential ambitions.”

Jonathan Martin: “What the heck has happened to Paul Ryan? Just months removed from being on the GOP ticket, he has faded from the national political conversation in a way that’s remarkable for a politician possessed with youth, fame and ambition.” But: “Sources close to Ryan caution that his congressional focus at the moment ought not be confused with lack of interest in 2016 but seen, rather, in the context of somebody with a demanding day job.”

And: “In conversations with scores of Republicans in Washington and beyond, it’s striking how little organic support or even interest there is for a Ryan presidential bid so soon after Mitt Romney elevated the Wisconsin wonk to the highest levels of national political stardom.”

Pass the Cheetos, man… Rand Paul on FOX Sunday said he doesn’t promote pot use, but doesn’t support putting people in jail for it, either.  “I don't want to encourage people to do it,” he said. “I think even marijuana is a bad thing to do. I think it takes away your incentive to work and show up and do the things that you should be doing. I don't think that it's a good idea. I don't want to promote that but I also don't want to put people in jail who make a mistake.”

He also made this point: "Look, the last two presidents could have conceivably been put in jail for their drug use and I really think - look what would've happened, it would've ruined their lives. They got lucky. But a lot of poor kids, particularly in the inner city, don't get lucky and they don't have good attorneys and they go to jail for some of these things and I think it's a big mistake.”

KENTUCKY: Ashley Judd made reference to the Senate race, joking in a speech over the weekend that her mother wanted to “turn her garage into a campaign headquarters,” according to a local affiliate in Cincinnati. 

MASSACHUSETTS: Senate Democratic and Republican hopefuls debate separately on Wednesday. Republicans will debate again Thursday.

MICHIGAN: Ex-Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) won’t be running for the open Senate seat.