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Off to the races: Markey up double digits

Beth Reinhard: “Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker polls near the bottom of would-be presidential contenders. Unlike potential rivals, you won't find him on the cover of Time magazine or slow-jamming the news with comedian Jimmy Fallon. But he's a conservative Republican who won election in a blue state, survived a brutal recall campaign, and now posts approval ratings over 50 percent. A budget-slashing chief executive and son of a Baptist minister who straddles the fiscal and social conservative camps. A proven fundraiser who has put his thumb in the eye of President Obama and Big Labor. He's poised to be the sleeper Republican presidential candidate of 2016.”

MASSACHUSETTS: A Boston Globe poll has Ed Markey (D) leading Gabriel Gomez (R) 54%-43% in the special election for the Senate race. Markey has outspent Gomez by about $4 million in the nine-week period before the election. A new Markey ad is all President Obama.

NEW JERSEY: Cory Booker’s at the 92nd St. Y in New York at 6:30 pm ET tonight talking about cities as engines of growth as part of the “The Metropolitan Revolution” book tour with author Bruce Katz of Brookings. The tour will head to DC Wednesday with former DC Mayor Anthony Williams before going on to the Aspen Ideas Festival, the U.S. Conference of Mayors Annual Meeting, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and elsewhere.

A Stockton College poll has Chris Christie up 64%-24% for reelection.

NEW YORK: Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D)’s favorability has slipped some to 58%/34%.

TEXAS:Roll Call: “When the Supreme Court takes on a key part of a voting rights law later this month, Texas Democrats will be watching more closely than anyone on Capitol Hill. The high court’s ruling could affect whether, and how, the congressional boundaries in the state will be revised — yet again.”

WEST VIRGINIA:Politico: “Sen. Joe Manchin, co-author of a plan to expand background checks on gun sales, is launching a TV ad to defend himself from attacks by the powerful National Rifle Association.

Manchin will begin running the TV ad later this week.”