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Off to the races: A somber night

SOUTH CAROLINA: NBC’s Ali Weinberg reports: Comedian Stephen Colbert Busch's D.C. fundraiser for his sister Elizabeth went on as planned tonight, but it was very somber, according to sources in the event. After a moment of silence, Colbert recalled how he and his sister were together in New York City after the September 11th terrorist attacks. "Thinking about events in Boston made me think of my sister. She was in New York City on 9/11, and I said to her, 'I wish you could have seen my city on a different day.' She said, 'No, it's beautiful. People are coming together to help each other.'"

Head of the DCCC Steve Israel, per National Journal: "I am here to tell you that we are in this race… In three weeks and two days she will come to Washington and take her oath of office.”