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Off to the races: VA GOV -- Romney in reverse

Ken Vogel and Maggie Haberman: “The GOP didn’t have an answer for Big Democratic Data in 2012, costing them in close races from Congress to the White House. Now, they’ve got lots of answers — possibly too many — and a feisty rivalry is brewing between tea party upstarts, nonpartisan data geeks, operatives linked to the Koch brothers and insiders like Karl Rove.” (The Kochs are also trying to buy newspapers, the New York Times says.)

“As if President Barack Obama’s political machine hasn’t left them battered and bruised enough, Republicans are fretting that it could help Democrats win the House next year,” Politico writes. “The president’s deep-pocketed political arm, Organizing for Action, can’t by law spend most of its money on elections, and officials insist it won’t play directly in the 2014 midterm. But Republicans aren’t buying it: They’re convinced OFA will find other, indirect ways to help Democrats capture the House and allow Obama to finish his presidency unchecked by Congress.”

The Hill: “The Republican National Committee raised $18.02 million in the first three months of this year and has $8.67 million cash on hand, Chairman Reince Priebus announced Friday. About a third of that sum, or $6.3 million, was raised in March alone, and the committee had no debt at the end of the quarter.”

CALIFORNIA: Eric Garcetti leads Wendy Greuel 50%-40% in the L.A. mayor’s race in a USC Price/L.A. Times poll. The runoff is May 21.

MASSACHUSETTS: Rep. Ed Markey leads the field for the Massachusetts Senate special election. He’s ahead of Stephen Lynch (D) 44%-34% in the Democratic primary for the Senate special election and bests Gabriel Gomez (R) 51%-36% for the general election in a Western New England University poll. Gomez leads the GOP field 33%-27% over Michael Sullivan. The primary is May 28. June 25 is the general.

NEW YORK: Another poll – Quinnipiac - has Anthony Weiner in second place behind Christine Quinn, 28%-15%. Quinn is short of the 40% needed to avoid a runoff, but Weiner has a net-negative favorability, 33%-41%. The primary is Sept. 10.

VIRGINIA: Ken Cucinelli is going after Terry McAuliffe on tax returns calling for him to “release the documents” in a new video. It’s the Mitt Romney campaign in reverse. First, Republicans went after McAuliffe for his business record. Now, they’re making calls for him to release his tax returns, using clips of President Obama, David Axelrod, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Bill Clinton, and even McAuliffe himself (!) criticizing Romney for not releasing his tax returns.