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Rachel at Amherst College

As Rachel's book tour for the paperback release of Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power goes into its second month, the folks at Amherst College have been generous enough to share the video of her appearance there this past Saturday. This is especially fortuitous

Stanford appearance

The video doesn't embed, but the quality and hosting is good, so click the image to get there:

If you've already been to a Rachel reading or you've read the book and want to skip ahead to the Q&A, that starts around 39:00.

*Rachel just sent me a note that the Stanford clips play just fine for her. For me there's no audio, even if I try them on my phone. There is at least one other complaint about audio in the comments on that post, but no mention of it in the YouTube comments so the likelihood that it'll work for you seems high.