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Rachel on the road

If you follow Rachel Maddow's extracurriculars, this is going to be a busy, and maybe a little confusing, month. I'm going to try to offer highlights from the "Drift" book tour but it's becoming increasingly apparent that I'm going to miss some items. And obviously there's going to be a lot of redundancy anyway, so I'm not too hung up on catching every single thing. (If there's something you're trying to find, my first recommendation is the fine work by, but otherwise, let me know and I'll see if I can hunt it down through our marketing people.)

Today's haul: The one I've been anticipating (and I know Rachel was excited for this as well) is the interview with Terry Gross on NPR's Fresh Air. (If you're reading this on a mobile device and that embedded player isn't showing up, try here.)

Elsewhere, the Washington Post published her Op-Ed online today (we think that means its in the dead tree edition tomorrow).

She did two segments last night with David Letterman. I don't find those as stand-along clips, so you have to skip to just past the middle in the full episode.

She talked with Andrea Mitchell this afternoon, and Matt Lauer this morning, and I'm going to include the "drinks" tag on this post for her (albeit brief) discussion of the French 75 with Hoda and Kathie Lee earlier today: