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Rachel totally called it

Rachel has been saying on the air for a couple of weeks now that she wanted Mitt Romney to pick Liz Cheney for his VP.  That may have been who she wanted Romney to pick -- but she also accurately predicted, back in March, that the guy Romney would actually pick ... would be Paul Ryan.

From the March 22, 2012 transcript, Rachel noted the following:

MADDOW: You see the same thing going on the right now in the Mitt Romney campaign. Mitt Romney has said he`s totally on board with the Paul Ryan budget, right? The Paul Ryan kill Medicare budget.

Mr. Romney even ran this Mitt Romney loves Paul Ryan ad which made it sort of look like Paul Ryan was the one running for president. I think it's even possible that Mitt Romney could pick Paul Ryan to be his vice-presidential choice although I don't have much company in thinking that.

So, this morning, though, Mitt Romney had a sit-down meeting in Washington with Paul Ryan and they were very happy to publicize that was happening.

This all happens as Paul Ryan is rolling out his new budget which again would dismantle Medicare. It would end the guaranteed benefit that what we know as Medicare. It would turn it instead into a coupon system.

And when you have embraced Paul Ryan and you are essentially running with Paul Ryan and you may -- who knows? You may even pick Paul Ryan as your vice presidential running mate, you are the guy with the guy who proposed killing Medicare.

Paul Ryan`s plan famously described in the "Wall Street Journal" last year as ending Medicare as we know it.