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Rand Paul sees armed meteorologists as radical threat

It's possible Republican Rand Paul of Kentucky isn't quite cut out for work in the U.S. Senate. Consider this item he tweeted over the weekend (via Joe Sonka).

So, in Rand Paul's mind, the National Weather Service has ordered 46,000 hollow-point bullets. He then refers readers to a fringe conspiracy-theory website, which argues that President Obama may be arming weathermen as part of a larger scheme to suppress "civil unrest."

Rand Paul sees this as a legitimate concern, and he wants his Twitter followers to be aware of it.

Regrettably, the senator neglected to check the facts before sharing this unhinged nonsense. In reality, ammunition and targets were ordered for the NOAA Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement. There was a clerical error on the paperwork -- the ammunition isn't going to the National Weather Service.

There is no secret plot; armed meteorologists are not going to rise up against the American populace; and Rand Paul's silly conspiracy theories are not to be taken seriously.