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Netanyahu rejects Biden criticism he’s ‘hurting Israel,’ says policies have most Israelis' support

In an exclusive interview with MSNBC, President Joe Biden discussed his frustrations with the Israeli prime minister, red lines in the war and a cease-fire, saying Netanyahu “cannot have 30,000 more Palestinians dead.”
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What we know

  • In an exclusive interview with MSNBC, President Joe Biden said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's disregard for "innocent lives" is "hurting Israel more than helping Israel." He said that a ground invasion of Rafah would be a red line but that he would "never leave Israel." However, he added, Netanyahu "cannot have 30,000 more Palestinians dead."
  • Biden also said that he wanted to see a cease-fire and that he maintains hope that there could be one before Ramadan. "I think it's always possible," he said. "I never give up on that."
  • In an interview with Politico, Netanyahu defended his political policies as being supported by an "overwhelming majority" of Israelis following criticism from Biden that he was harming the country. "I don't know what the president meant, but if he meant that I lead a policy against the majority of the Israeli public and that it harms Israel's interests, he is wrong on both counts," Netanyahu said.
  • Millions of Muslims will begin fasting tomorrow morning after the crescent moon was spotted in Saudi Arabia, marking the start of Ramadan for some. Many of the Gazans who observe the holy month are struggling with food insecurity and malnutrition, hindering their ability to eat well enough to sustain well-balanced fasts.
  • The U.S. said that as part of a plan to surge humanitarian aid to Palestinians, it will develop a maritime corridor and has deployed an Army vessel from Virginia to begin construction of a floating pier off Gaza. Aid agencies have criticized the plan, saying sending aid by air and sea falls far short of meeting the needs of Gaza's population of 2.2 million.
  • The death toll in Gaza has surpassed 31,000, according to the Health Ministry, including at least 25 people who have died of starvation. The Israeli military said at least 247 soldiers have been killed since the ground invasion of Gaza began.