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Report: Apple orders 15 million new iPhones for September

We've heard multiple rumors which claim that the next generation iPhone will be available in the fall, but now there are further whispers to support this time frame: Apple may have placed an order for 15 million iPhones set to ship in September.

Digitimes reports that sources in the component making industry shared that Taiwan-based notebook maker Pegatron Technology landed the large Apple order. They also explained that the next generation device — frequently referred to as the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 — will not be very different from the one currently on the market:

The sources pointed out that as the iPhone 5, which does not seem to have any major update from iPhone 4, is already set for shipment in September, they are already started supplying components to Pegatron with Pegatron's plants in Shanghai, China also recently started hiring for manpower.

It's worth noting that the suggestion that the next iPhone will closely resemble the iPhone 4 fits in with a prior report from Bloomberg. And considering the fairly solid track record both Bloomberg and Digitimes have when it comes to iPhone gossip, we wouldn't be surprised if they wound up being right on the money about this little detail.

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