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Report: Chicago family finds dog dead in oven after burglary

A family in Chicago returned from vacation to find the home burglarized and its dog lying dead in the oven.

The family – a single mother with girls ages 7 and 9 – had gone on vacation on July 2, said police in Arlington Heights, Ill., a suburb of Chicago. A neighbor checked on the home late in the evening of July 3, and the family returned home late the following morning, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Arlington Heights police Sgt. Rick Kappelman said the house was entered by unknown persons during the two-day vacation, and $3,000 worth of jewelry was taken. Family members initially thought the burglars had stolen their dog too, police said.

It wasn’t until the following morning when a 9-year-old girl went to use the convection oven and discovered their Cavachon dog named Coco inside. Police say the oven had been turned on.

A necropsy on the dog by the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine revealed the dog was cooked in the convection oven, but it is unknown whether the dog was killed or injured before it was put inside.

Kappelman said it was a domestic case, and the person of interest is an ex-boyfriend who was out on bond from a previous domestic charge.

Kappelman said the homeowner has an order of protection against the ex-boyfriend, stemming from a May 20 harassment incident.

The man was arrested June 4 for allegedly violating that order of protection by “repeatedly texting, emailing and telephoning" the woman, Kappelman said.

“It’s terrible for someone to do something like that to a poor, defenseless animal,” a neighbor told the Chicago Sun-Times. “[The 9-year-old] was definitely devastated.”

The home’s alarm system was turned off to allow another neighbor to check on the dog while they were on vacation, reported the Chicago Sun-Times. 

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