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Rescuers find candies but can't reach toddler trapped in Spanish well

The hole is 360 feet deep and only about 10 inches wide. A robotic camera made it 229 feet below the surface.

Emergency workers frantically dug a tunnel Tuesday as they tried to rescue a toddler trapped down a deep, narrow well in Spain.

The two-year-old boy, whose first name is Yulen, fell down the hole on Sunday.

More than 100 rescuers including firefighters, police officers and underwater teams were at the site in Totalán, a town in the southern province of Málaga. A specialist mine rescue team was en route to the scene on Tuesday afternoon.

The well is 360 feet deep and only about 10 inches wide, according to Bernardo Moltó, a spokesman for the Málaga Civil Guard.

The two-year-old boy fell into the hole on Sunday.Malaga Fire brigades / EPA

On Monday, crews sent a robotic camera into the well. It made it 229 feet below the surface, where it found some candies the boy had been carrying. However, the width of the passage prevented the device from going any further.

Rescue workers were attempting to widen the passage to allow the camera to go deeper, Pilar Limon, a spokesperson for the Emergencies Coordination Unit, told NBC News.

Teams were concentrating their efforts on securing an alternative rescue route by digging a tunnel that would intersect the well, according to Maria Galvez, a Málaga government official at the site.

However, workers needed to proceed carefully to prevent an internal collapse within the well.

The search for the boy is taking place in a mountainous area near the town of Totalan, Spain.Gregorio Marrero / AP

Yulen’s parents Vicky and Jose Garcia were waiting at the surface and were being assisted by a group of trauma experts and psychologists.

The well was dug about a month before the boy fell in, according to local media.

Moltó said it's unclear if had been marked in any way.

Sandra Lilley , Caroline Radnofsky and The Associated Press contributed.