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The return of Christine O'Donnell

Shunned by the Republican party establishment, former Senate candidate and Tea Party darling Christine (no relation) O'Donnell has decided to headline Troublemaker Fest. According to their website, the festival is a five day event that will "empower and inspire young, independent patriots to stop Barack Obama’s second term and restore Constitutional integrity to our government."

O'Donnell made headlines while running for Senate in 2010 by releasing an ad in which she stated "I'm not a witch, I'm nothing you've heard. I'm you." The ad was in response to statements she had made years earlier on Bill Mahar's now defunct Politically Incorrect. As a guest on that show, the former GOP candidate said that she "dabbled in witchcraft" but had later found God. Those clips, which Mahar played relentlessly every week, seemed to derail her election chances.  Since her 2010 loss, O'Donnell has remained quiet (despite going on Fox News to endorse Mitt Romney during the Republican primary season).

Troublemaker Fest, running from August 26-30, will coincide with the Republican National Convention.