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Richard Mourdock's premature health care videos anticipate several endings

Remember Richard Mourdock? He's the guy in Indiana who hates bipartisanship. After defeating Sen. Dick Lugar in Indiana's GOP primary, he's battling Democrat Rep. Joe Donnelly for Lugar's senate seat.

Well someone on Mourdock's team posted several new videos about the Supreme Court's ruling on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to his YouTube page—each one envisions a different ending, including a ruling of unconstitional, upheld, partial rollback, and a non-answer from the court.


The Supreme Court is expected to issue its finding on ACA any day now, possible Monday, and Mourdock's team just wanted to be prepared, a spokesman told Politico.

The videos, still available on YouTube, are rather staid themselves, running about a minute each and featuring a straight-on shot of Mourdock seated against a brick wall. He talks quietly and confidently about each scenario and ends with a plea to visit his contribution page to support his campaign.

The shortest video is the one in which Mourdock reveals the Supreme Court has upheld President Obama's health care law and he vows to repeal it with fellow Republicans come January 2013—if he gets elected.