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Romney: 'Accepting' the nomination

Romney won with 67% in Connecticut, 63% in Rhode Island, 62% in New York, 58% in Pennsylvania, and 57% in Delaware.

The Boston Globe’s Viser says, “Romney implicitly accepted the Republican presidential nomination” last night. And: “At one point, he paid homage to the campaign slogans of both Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton in their bids to defeat an incumbent president during economic turmoil.”

Roll Call also makes that point with this headline: “Mitt Romney Accepts GOP Nomination.” 

The Boston Globe’s Johnson: “[W]ith a calmness borne by no longer having to glance back at carping nomination rivals, Romney looked ahead to deliver not so much of a victory speech as his mass introduction to the American audience. Over 15 minutes, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee purposefully hit all the touchstones aimed for in such a pivot.”

AP: “The Republican presidential nomination all but in hand, Mitt Romney is refocusing his efforts on challenging President Barack Obama, raising cash for the battle ahead and reconciling with onetime primary rival Rick Santorum.”

Santorum basically endorsed Romney last night. Asked if Romney’s the “right guy,” Santorum said, “Yeah, absolutely. He's the person that is going to go up against Barack Obama, it's pretty clear, and we need to win this race.” Asked if that was an endorsement, Santorum said: “Well, if that's what you want to call it, you can call it whatever you want. Look, I believe he's going to win the race.”