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Romney: Cob webs

Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom responded on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports to the Obama campaign’s attacks on Bain: “[T]hese attacks are so old they have cob webs,” he said. We saw this attack rolled out by some of Mitt Romney's Republican opponents during the primary and it didn't work. Before that, we saw these negative attacks on Bain being used against Gov. Romney when he ran for governor in Massachusetts in 2002 and didn't work. Look, this election is going to be about jobs and the economy, but I agree with Mayor Booker who said that these attacks against Bain and free enterprise are nauseating.  I think people deserve better from president, after all he promised that if he didn't get this economy turned around in three-and-a-half years, he would be a one term president and Mitt Romney is here to collect on that.”

While Obama and Democrats may have been on defense after Cory Booker’s comments calling the attacks on Bain “nauseating” and “very uncomfortable” on Meet the Press, AP points out: “The core of his presidential candidacy under attack, Mitt Romney has yet to shape a playbook to defend a quarter-century in the business world that created great riches for himself and great hardship, at times, for some American workers. Romney and his aides have struggled to respond consistently to intensifying criticism about his tenure at Bain Capital and how it would be reflected in his presidency. The lack of a cohesive message stems, in part, from Romney's fundamental belief that any debate that puts the economy front and center is a win for Republicans.”