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Romney: Eyeing the economy

Romney’s up with a video highlighting stories of people struggling financially.

What the Boston Globe took out of yesterday’s Washington Post/ABC poll: “Mitt Romney remains in a virtual tie with President Obama, but Americans no longer believe he would manage the nation’s economic recovery better than the incumbent….”

“Mitt Romney on Tuesday announced an extensive list of education policy advisers, further adding to the growing roster of voices helping the presumptive Republican presidential nominee flesh out his policies on major national issues,” the Boston Globe writes. “The policy group includes several top officials from the administration of President George W. Bush….”

“Mitt Romney has begun delivering a series of weekly policy speeches aimed at outlining his proposals and drawing contrasts with President Barack Obama on issues from education and health care to energy and debt,” the Washington Post writes.

So where do Romney and Obama actually differ on education? The Fiscal Times wrote earlier this month: “On the surface at least, President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney see eye to eye on a number of key education issues: Both politicians place great store in standardized testing to evaluate teacher performance and student progress, and both generally back former President George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind program. Both favor charter schools as an alternative to failing public schools and merit pay to attract better teachers. And both have had their run-ins with teachers unions.”

But: “Yet on critical issues of funding and government aide to colleges and local schools, the two rivals couldn’t be further apart, and some experts say those are the most telling and significant differences between the two rivals. Romney insists that the Department of Education has grown too big and intrusive on state and local officials, and has pledged to either sharply downsize it or merge it with another federal agency.”

Reap what you sow… Donald Trump wants to speak at the GOP convention. Trump again recently questioned Obama’s place of birth.