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Romney hasn't reached financial parity with Obama -- yet

President Obama and his allies continue to hold a sizable fundraising advantage over Mitt Romney and his allies, including a 2-to-1 edge in available cash, according to the latest totals filed with the Federal Election Commission.

The numbers show that Team Obama (the campaign, the DNC, and the major pro-Obama Super PAC Priorities USA Action) had a combined $144 million cash on hand as of April 30, and it raised $41.7 million last month.

That's compared with the $77.5 million in the bank that Team Romney (the campaign, the RNC, the pro-Romney Super PAC Restore Our Future, and the anti-Obama Super PAC American Crossroads) has reported, and it raised a total of $29.5 million in April.

But these fundraising figures tell only part of the story.

Last week, the Romney campaign announced raising a combined $40 million with the RNC and other committees -- essentially equaling the Obama-DNC haul -- which spurred stories about how Team Romney was catching up to Team Obama. The Romney camp also said it had $60 million in bank.

But the fundraising totals the Romney camp filed with the FEC are short of those numbers.

So how did it come up with $40 million raised in April and $60 million in the bank?

The Romney campaign tells First Read that its Victory Fund brought in $17 million, but those numbers won’t be filed to the FEC until July. That $17 million -- added to the campaign's $11.7 million and RNC's 11.4 million -- gets you to $40 million.

And the Romney camp gets to $60 million in the bank when adding up the campaign's cash on hand ($9 million), the RNC's ($34.8 million), and that Victory Fund ($17 million).


Overall, when you add up the totals for the campaigns, political parties, and top Super PACS, here’s where we stand:
Team Obama raised in April: $41.7 million
Team Romney raised: $29.5 million (they are also counting that extra $17 million from the Victory Fund)

Team Obama cash on hand: $144 million
Team Romney cash on hand: $77.5 million cash on hand

The components:
Obama: $25.7 million raised, $115 million cash on hand
DNC: $14.4 million raised, $24.3M cash on hand
Priorities USA Action $1.6 million raisd, $4.7 cash on hand

Romney: $11.7 million raised, $9 million cash on hand
RNC: $11.4 million raised, $34.8 million cash on hand
Restore Our Future: $4.6 million raised, $8.2 million cash on hand
American Crossroads $1.8 million raised, $25.5 million cash on hand