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Romney: A man of faith

Jodi Kantor writes of Rommey’s faith: “[A]s the presumptive Republican nominee for president, Mr. Romney speaks so sparingly about his faith — he and his aides frequently stipulate that he does not impose his beliefs on others — that its influence on him can be difficult to detect. But dozens of the candidate’s friends, fellow church members and relatives describe a man whose faith is his design for living. The church is by no means his only influence, and its impact cannot be fully untangled from that of his family, which is also steeped in Mormonism. But being a Latter-day Saint is ‘at the center of who he really is, if you scrape everything else off,’ said Randy Sorensen, who worshiped with Mr. Romney in church.”

“To win, Romney must convince voters — especially those in the roughly dozen swing-voting states where the race is likely to be decided — that the situation is so bad that that they should give him a chance to do what Obama hasn't been able to do: get the economy really going. .... In a way, however, Republican governors, many of them freshmen elected in 2010, aren't making it easy for Romney to make his case,” AP writes. (H/t: GOP 12.)

The AP writes of Romney’s leadership test during the big dig: “Romney's stiffest leadership test as governor produced mixed results. He was praised, even by some Democrats, for his energetic, take-charge management style. But he also drew criticism for playing to the media and dodging personal blame.”

The power of Paul: "After years of quiet, relentless organizing, followers of libertarian-leaning GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul have exploded inside the Minnesota Republican Party, becoming its most potent army," the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports, adding, “In Minnesota, more than almost any other state, Paul forces have completed a historic party takeover. They proved their might Saturday, but also firmly established Minnesota as a remote GOP outpost nationally. Now state GOP activists will march to the national convention firmly backing Paul rather than presumed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.”

Political Wire: “Paul won 12 of 13 open delegate spots to the GOP national convention. The 13th went to Michele Bachmann – ‘and only after a Paul supporter dropped out to let her have that spot.’”

Though the Romney campaign as of Friday had not yet expanded its Spanish-language ad buy (just $3,000 in Raleigh), Romney strategist Russ Schriefer promised in a conference call, per Matt Lewis: “There’s going to be some serious points put behind the Spanish version of the ad.”

And Lewis adds: “During the Friday morning conference call, Schriefer contrasted Romney’s new ad with previous Obama ads, which seemed to lack direction. ‘I think [the Obama campaign is] struggling to figure out what this race is about for them,’ he said.”