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Romney: Manchester United

The AP: “On primary day, Romney looks toward fall election.” Of his speech in Manchester, NH, not any of the five primary states voting tonight – “The general election speech, aides say, will represent a definitive pivot away from the primary contest and toward Democratic President Barack Obama and the general election.”

More: “Romney was drawn to the right on issues like immigration as he fought off challenges from other Republicans. On Monday, he signaled he was considering a wider range of immigration policies, including a proposal from Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., that would allow some young people a chance at visas to stay in the U.S. Romney also embraced a temporary extension of lower rates for student loans, a policy opposed by House Republicans but backed by President Barack Obama.”

But Romney didn’t explicitly endorse Rubio’s proposal – and, by the end of his town hall, he was drawn to the right -- making the case for war with Iran.

The AP looks at how little transparency there is in the world of Super PAC donors, including one mini-controversy over the weekend involving a mysterious $400,000 Restore Our Future donation, which turned out to be from a Florida couple which is among Romney’s biggest fundraisers.

Romney will hit five New York fundraisers and one in New Jersey in the two days following tonight’s primaries.