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Romney: New gun laws won't change anything

Garrett Haake on First Read: “Mitt Romney said Wednesday that more restrictive gun laws would likely not have prevented last week's deadly mass shooting at a Colorado Cineplex, and argued that it would take Americans changing their hearts, not their legislation, to prevent similar future attacks.”

The Boston Globe on NBC’s Brian Williams’ interview with Romney: “Mitt Romney, responding to the deadly shooting rampage in Aurora, Colo., asserted Wednesday that the United States does not need stricter gun laws, saying they could not have stopped the killing of a dozen people by a lone gunman at a movie theater.”

The Wall Street Journal: “Mitt Romney rejected the idea that tougher gun laws could have prevented the deadly rampage in Aurora, Colo., saying in an interview Tuesday that a legislative remedy would not thwart people who want to cause harm.”

“Dan Gross -- president of the pro-gun control Brady Campaign -- tells The New Yorker that Governor Romney did more for Brady's cause than President Obama,” GOP 12 writes. But that was then… Nowadays: "Romney has certainly gone further out of his way to pander to the gun lobby during the election.”

“The Telegraph, which refused to identify the speaker, released a statement late Wednesday in which it stood by the accuracy of its story,” the New York Daily News writes. “Romney’s team, which questioned other recent news reports, including a Boston Globe investigation into the candidate’s time at Bain Capital, did not immediately demand a retraction.”

The Hill: “Rough start for Romney foreign trip.”

Charles Krauthammer says the answer to all of Romney’s problems is to show “he’s human”: "Romney has the ultimate edge,” he told FOX. “There's no way the economy will turn around between now and the election day; whereas, it's not inconceivable -- it's likely, actually -- that Romney can change the perception of him as a stiff, stolid, plutocrat who cares nothing. All he has to do is show up in the debates that he's human.... the minute Romney does, he'll win the election." (H/t: GOP 12.)

Sheldon Adelson might meet up with Romney for a fundraiser in Israel.

Actor Robert Duvall will host a fundraiser for Romney Sept. 6 at his home in Virginia. Here’s the invitation, obtained by National Journal.