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Romney pushes higher taxes for the poor, buys elevator for his cars

Mitt Romney said in February that he’s “not concerned about the very poor,” and it appears this is one issue where we can take him at his word.

Rachel Maddow took a look at Romney’s tax plan on Friday. A favorite highlight? Under the Romney plan, households making less than $20,000 would see their taxes increase by more than 60% and people making more than $1 million would get tax cuts averaging 15%.

“The problem that Mitt Romney is trying to fix when it comes to poor people in America is that they have too much money!” Maddow said. “And the government should take some of their money away. It’s a real problem!”

Appallingly, Romney’s approach isn’t unique. Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin, Kansas, and South Carolina have all proposed legislation that aims to slash taxes for the states' wealthiest residents while raising taxes for the poor.

“This is amazing,” Maddow said. “The Republican Party has this anti-tax reputation - but they're only pursuing that agenda for rich people; they're not even just ignoring poor people, they're actively seeking out ways to make poor people more poor... using the tax code. “

Romney said on Friday that he regrets saying he likes “being able to fire people.” Meanwhile, local news station KGTV-10 broadcast a feature on Romney’s new home improvement project – a sophisticated car elevator for his house in La Jolla.