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Romney: Sealing the deal

Lots of headlines about Romney clinching the nomination.

The Boston Globe also notes: “After accepting the nomination at the convention, Romney will be the first Mormon nominee from a major party, succeeding where others, including Senators Orrin Hatch and Mo Udall, and Romney’s father, George, did not. Mitt Romney lost the nomination to John McCain in 2008.”

And: “He is also the third presidential nominee from Massachusetts in the past quarter century, joining Democrats Michael Dukakis in 1988 and John Kerry in 2004. The last Republican nominee from Massachusetts was Calvin Coolidge, in 1924.”

But there’s also this one from AP: “Romney clinches nomination, but Trump overshadows.” AP writes: “The Trump event and surrounding controversy overshadowed the Texas primary win that officially handed Romney the nomination, a triumph of endurance for a candidate who came up short four years ago and had to fight hard this year as voters flirted with a carousel of GOP rivals.”

The Hill: “Trump overshadows Romney with Obama 'birther' comments.”

“The provocative real estate magnate used the spotlight to promote his long-debunked contention that Obama was born in a foreign country,” the Washington Post adds. “Romney aides admitted that this was an unhelpful distraction. At a moment when they wanted to put the president on the defensive, it was Romney who found himself in that position, leaving it to his aides to assert that he disagrees with Trump — while Obama’s aides said his refusal to publicly condemn his surrogate showed poor moral leadership.”

The New York Times: Mitt Romney, having initially weathered the first sustained general election attack, is entering a critical 90-day stretch to the Republican convention on relatively equal footing with the White House and is unleashing a new offensive to win over independent voters and further undermine confidence in President Obama’s stewardship of the economy... [T]he resilience of the Romney campaign, at least in the first six weeks since he emerged as the party’s likely nominee, has proved frustrating to some Democrats who predicted that he would be deeply wounded by the combative primary race. For a candidate who is not naturally beloved by many conservatives, Mr. Romney has faced little resistance unifying party activists, donors and elected officials who want to keep Mr. Obama from winning a second term.

“They make awkward bedfellows, to be sure: Mitt Romney, the strait-laced Mormon who does not gamble, drink or cavort, and Sheldon Adelson, the socially liberal casino mogul whose resorts rank among the world’s favorite places to do all three,” the Boston Globe says. “Yet Romney met with Adelson Tuesday in Las Vegas, and the billionaire has pledged to support Romney against President Obama -- presumably with money earned from gambling, which ‘undermines the virtues of work and thrift,’ according to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

More: “There is inherent irony in the alliance with a man whose profession so clearly conflicts with Romney’s religious mores. But gambling is an activity on which Romney has generally favored regulation over condemnation. And the meeting with Adelson -- who has contributed $25.3 million to conservative candidates and committees during the current election cycle, none of it to Romney -- is only the latest example of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s willingness to embrace people and policies with which he personally disagrees.”