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Romney: Spotlighting the auto bailout

“When Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan campaign together in Michigan on Friday, it will likely give Democrats a chance to highlight how the GOP ticket differs on the auto bailout,” USA Today writes.  

USA Today: “Look deeper on the Wisconsin House member's list of priorities, military and foreign policy experts say, and you'll see a commitment to standard GOP principles: support for robust Pentagon spending and opposition to President Obama's foreign policy. He takes advice from the American Enterprise Institute, a hawkish think tank favored by Republicans." 

Will Ryan bring Wisconsin? The University of Minnesota’s Smart Politics blog notes, “The last eight vice-presidential nominees from the Midwest have carried their home state dating back to 1944.”

Seriously, Cardinal Dolan will give the benediction at the Republican National Convention, but it’s not an endorsement necessarily, the New York Daily News reports. 

So think about this, Dolan will speak at the RNC (religious freedom) and Sandra Fluke (women’s health/birth control) will speak at the DNC. 

There’s one thing the Swiss just can’t stay neutral about… The Swiss government isn’t happy with Obama’s ads and tone about Romney’s Swiss holdings, nor is it pleased with “Romney Girl,” a satirical video that lampoons Romney’s wealth and features a character named, “Swiss Miss Bank Account.”