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Romney: Taking over the party

“A day after claiming the title of GOP presidential nominee, Mitt Romney moved aggressively Wednesday to coordinate with the Republican National Committee to intensify his fight against President Barack Obama,” the Detroit Free-Press writes.

“Mitt Romney likes to talk on the campaign trail about how his father ‘grew up poor,’ but that’s not the whole story,” the AP writes. “The father of the presumptive Republican nominee, George Romney, grew up in a family that suffered financial losses and enjoyed prosperity.” It adds, “George Romney was born July 8, 1907, in Chihuahua, Mexico, where his parents and other Mormons had moved to avoid persecution and U.S. laws against polygamy… George Romney’s father was Gaskell Romney, a carpenter who led a prosperous life in a Mormon colony in Mexico, according to the ‘The Real Romney,’ a book written by two Boston Globe reporters. But turmoil from the Mexican revolution later forced the Romneys and other Mormon families to flee back to the United States. The family suddenly went from owning a large Mexican ranch to being nearly penniless, and the family moved from house to house in California, Idaho and Utah as they struggled to build a new life. Over time, though, Mitt’s grandfather became prosperous, building some of the finest homes in Salt Lake City, according to the Globe book, but along with many other Americans suffered financial setbacks during the Great Depression.”