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Romney: Taking plenty of heat

“Mitt and the junk bond king,” is the headline to this Sunday Boston Globe story: “It was at the height of the 1980s buyout boom when Mitt Romney went in search of $300 million to finance one of the most lucrative deals he would ever manage. The man who would help provide the money was none other than the famed junk-bond king Michael Milken. What transpired would become not just one of the most profitable leveraged buyouts of the era, but also one of the most revealing stories of Romney’s Bain Capital career. It showed how he pivoted from being a relatively cautious investor to risking his reputation for a big payoff. It is one that Romney has rarely, if ever, mentioned in his two bids for the presidency, perhaps because the Houston-based department store chain that Bain assembled later went into bankruptcy.”

“Vague, general or downright evasive policy prescriptions on some of the most important issues facing the country are becoming the rule for Romney. Hoping to make the campaign strictly a referendum on the incumbent, the hyper-cautious challenger is open about his determination to not give any fodder to Obama aides hungry to make the race as much about Romney as the president,” Politico’s Martin and Burns  write. “Romney is remarkably candid, almost as though he’s reading the stage directions, about why he won’t offer up details: he thinks it will undermine his chances to win. ‘The media kept saying to Chris, ‘Come on, give us the details, give us the details,’ Romney has said about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s 2009 gubernatorial race. ‘We want to hang you with them.’ It’s a lesson the former Massachusetts governor said he took from his first, painful foray into electoral politics in 1994.”

Channeling’s Michael O’Brien, Time’s Michael Crowley writes today: “One-Note Mitt: Is Romney Too Focused on the Economy?” He notes that both in 1980 and 1992, Reagan and Bill Clinton didn’t just talk about the economy, but had policy prescriptions on a host of other issues.

The Boston Globe on Romney’s weekend in Utah with donors and activists: “Providing special private access to a candidate to those who raise the most money is not new in politics, but this weekend was the most serious effort Romney has made to reward his top donors. Unlike Obama, Romney has not disclosed his bundlers, other than the registered lobbyists that he is forced to disclose under federal law.”

Rupert Murdoch took a shot at Romney on Twitter:  “When is Romney going to look like a challenger?   Seems to play everything safe, make no news except burn off Hispanics... Easy for Romney to spell out restoration of the American dream and bash incompetent administration. But not a word!” What say you, Newt Gingrich, who thought FOX was in the tank in the GOP primary for Romney?