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Romney: A tale of two parties

“A subcommittee helping to draft the Republican Party platform approved preliminary language Monday that would affirm ‘dignity and respect’ for gay Americans but a definition of marriage as the union of ‘one man and one woman’ is likely to be included, according to the leader of a conservative gay rights group advising the GOP,” the Boston Globe notes, adding, “Earlier this month, the Democratic platform committee endorsed same-sex marriage and approved language calling for repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act.”

“The committee drafting the Republican Party’s platform rejected a bid to include a plank calling for preservation of the mortgage interest tax deduction Monday,” the Wall Street Journal writes.

Here’s a headline the Romney campaign probably didn’t think they’d have to deal with: “Romney, Ryan slam GOP rep for nude swim in Israel,” USA Today writes today.

“Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann, suffered the loss of a stillborn son — but have never spoken publicly about it,” the New York Daily News writes. “News of the difficulty was buried deep in a lengthy Associated Press profile of the GOP contender’s wife on Saturday that attributed news of the pregnancy loss to ‘a source close to Mrs. Romney.’ The profile said the would-be First Lady lost the baby several months into her pregnancy, which took place after the birth of their son Ben in 1978 and before the birth of their youngest child, Craig, in 1981. Romney campaign officials declined to provide further information.”

Romney told a Yankees fan yesterday at his rally that “We all hate Yankees.” Paul Ryan stepped in for the save, the New York Daily News writes: “But not you, sir. We love you.” The man replied: “I back winners and that’s why I’m backing you.”