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Romney: Turning on the charm

Mitt Romney is on a charm offensive,” the AP’s Elliott writes. “He took reporters' questions after Thursday's campaign rally instead of keeping them at bay. He brought them warm chocolate chip cookies for the flight from Jacksonville to Palm Beach, Fla. After he got off the plane, he walked over to show reporters a picture of his 5-year-old grandson, Parker. It was ‘wild hair day’ at school and the grandfather of 18 had to share what had just come into his iPad.”

And: “Romney, whom critics brand as standoffish and cold, seems to be trying to win over the reporters who will travel with him through Election Day -- and their audiences. On Wednesday, relations had soured to the point of a Romney aide grabbing a reporter's arm while others blocked reporters from the candidate. The campaign issued a statement declaring the incident a mistake. On Thursday, Romney tried to ease the friction.”

“After a proposed advertising campaign linking President Obama to the inflammatory Rev. Jeremiah Wright was leaked and subsequently condemned by Mitt Romney, the super PAC that conceived it decided to spike the idea Thursday,” the Boston Globe notes, but adds, “Appearing to take the high road, the Romney campaign rejected the plan, even though Romney, himself, referred to the controversial pastor in a February interview with Sean Hannity, saying ‘I’m not sure which is worse: him listening to Reverend Wright or him saying that we must be a less Christian nation.’”

After attacking Romney for his time at Bain, Newt Gingrich has now changed his tune. "You want me to be mad because in one company somewhere Romney may have in fact been involved in someone losing their job while you as president have been involved in millions of people losing their jobs?” he said.