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Romney's budget cuts would be even more drastic than Ryan's

Mitt Romney has only offered a vague picture of the budget cuts he would make to allow for his proposed tax cuts. But as Ezra Klein pointed out on PoliticsNation, Romney's targets for the budget would necessitate "drastic and destructive" cuts to federal programs in order to work—cuts that are even deeper than Paul Ryan's.

According to Klein, Ryan says he would cut about $5.3 trillion from the budget over 10 years, compared with Romney, who wants to cut $7 trillion. Since Romney's plan would also not keep any of the Medicare savings, and he plans to increase defense spending by even more than Ryan, that $7 trillion can only go up.

"The kinds of cuts [Romney] would need to make to make that work within a decade is 57% to every single program in the federal budget that is not Medicare, defense or Social Security," Klein said. "It is a complete fantasy, and when it's not a fantasy it is drastic and destructive."