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Romney's twisted road on abortion

Will Saletan of wrote an exhaustive piece on the path Mitt Romney took while determining his stand on Abortion. Saletan chronicles how it began in 1963 with the death of a woman who was close to the Romney family, from an illegal abortion which he mentioned in a debate with Senator Ted Kennedy. Saletan also found that Romney commissioned a poll in 1986 before running for election which found that a pro-life candidate could not win a statewide election in Massachusetts. The poll came before Romney took a position, though Saletan does not say Romney took the position based solely on the poll.

Saletan also chronicles a trip that Romney took to Salt Lake City before taking what appeared to be a pro-choice position in his run for Senate and Governor. The evidence is that Romney made up his mind about his position before the trip and then went to church Leaders to discuss it, as Romney was a leader in his church.

Saletan's piece is long but fascinating as is the almost 7-minute video of Romney's changed positions on abortion linked to the article. Will Saletan joined Lawrence O'Donnell Monday night in "The Spotlight".