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Ryan trots out debunked attack on Obama over auto plant

In his speech to the GOP convention, Paul Ryan reiterated an attack on President Obama: that he promised to save a Janesville, Wis., auto plant, then didn't do so.  But the attack has already been shown to be bogus.

Ryan has blamed rising gas prices under Obama for the plant's closure. But in fact, it shut down in December 2008—in the waning days of the Bush administration.

Late Update, 12:16am: Politifact rates Ryan's statement "false." But it explains that a small number of workers did stay on into the spring of 2009:

 The plant was effectively shut down on Dec. 23, 2008, when GM ceased production of SUVs there and laid off 1,200 workers. (Several dozen workers stayed on another four months to finish an order of small- to medium-duty trucks for Isuzu Motors.)