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S.E. Cupp latest NY Daily News article: Liberals resort to race and gender baiting

Right now, Condoleezza Rice is taking the stage in Tampa, inconveniently upsetting two common media memes at once -- that Republicans have waged a war on women, and that Republicans are racist. Here is a nationally celebrated and respected black woman who is, whatever you make of her politics, a person to admire, standing up for conservative values and Mitt Romney. The optics are powerful.

A day after Ann Romney delivered her remarks, some in the media were asking if Mitt's wife "did enough" to counter the Republicans' "War on Women." And they were serious.

The idea that Ann Romney needs to atone for an invented media meme is a commentary on the strange undoing of the liberal psyche. They are, simply, out of ideas. 

And despite a long and impressive run as a party that uses gender and race to bully voters into their ranks, Democrats may finally jump the shark this election season. 

Artur Davis, the formerly Democratic congressman from Alabama who spoke last night at the Republican National Convention, has been called an "Uncle Tom" by liberals who have simultaneously embraced former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist as a new Democrat for his "courage." Uglier rhetoric, bolstered by a disturbing level of liberal racism (Davis is black) is hard to imagine.

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