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Sanford's silly scramble for support

via Stefanie Bainum on Twitter

With about two weeks to go before South Carolina's congressional special election, things haven't been going especially well for former Gov. Mark Sanford (R). But don't worry, today he came up with a new idea that's sure to get his struggling campaign, which recently lost the backing of the National Republican Congressional Committee, back on track.

Some public-relations whiz thought it'd be a good idea for Sanford to have a "debate" with a picture of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D), which was intended to prove, well, I'm really not sure. He's running against Elizabeth Colbert Busch, who really doesn't have much in common with Pelosi.

When The Rachel Maddow Show reached out to Pelosi's office for comment, her press secretary responded, "The only people who took this seriously were the people at Kinko's."

Tyler Jones, a Democratic strategist in South Carolina, added, "No one debates a cardboard cutout when they're winning."

I'd just add that the last time I saw a Republican debating an inanimate object, it really didn't turn out well for the party.