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Saturday's Guests (September 1): The GOP's nostalgia campaign, Romney's big speech, fact-checking and the media

On Saturday's Up w/ Chris Hayes, we'll dissect Mitt Romney's speech to the Republican National Convention Thursday night. We'll also discuss the theme of nostalgia that seemed to permeate the entire RNC, and we'll delve into the role of fact-checkers in the presidential campaign. Plus, we'll examine the rise of single-newspaper towns and the changing local media landscape in the all-important swing states.

Joining Chris at 8 AM ET tomorrow on MSNBC will be:

Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell (D), NBC News political analyst and CNBC contributor, author "A Nation of Wusses: How America's Leaders Lost the Guts to Make Us Great."

Josh Barro (@jbarro), writes Bloomberg View's "The Ticker."

David Sirota, (@davidsirota) writes a nationally syndicated weekly newspaper column and hosts a radio show, "The Rundown with Sirota and Brown."

Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox), columnist for "The Guardian" and founder of the political blog Wonkette.

Bob Herbert (@bobherbert), distinguished senior fellow at Demos and former New York Times columnist.

:: Blogged by Katherine Guthrie (@kguth1130), production assistant for Up w/ Chris Hayes ::