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Saturday's Show & Charts (April 28)

In July interest rates on federal Stafford loans for students could double. In light of this, Saturday's edition of Up w/ Chris Hayes featured discussions on college loans, student debt, and the value of higher education. Also, President Obama and Mitt Romney spent the week visiting college campuses and talking to young voters. Chris and his guests looked at the candidates' messages and whether they were having an impact.

Here are a couple of charts from the discussion which show cost of education vs. income and education level vs. earnings. 


Also, undocumented immigrant Lorella Praeli sat down with Chris to discuss the DREAM Act, and guest Clive Stafford Smith, director of Reprieve, a group which represents the victims of drone strikes, joined us for a discussion on the United States' increasing use of military drones overseas and at home.

Joining Chris on the panel were:

Goldie Taylor, BuzzFeed correspondent Michael Hastings, filmmaker Pamela Brown of the Occupy Student Debt Campaign, and podcast host Luke Burbank.

:: Blogged by Brett Brownell (@brettbrownell), Up w/ Chris Hayes web & video producer ::