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Saturday's Show (March 17)

This morning MSNBC political analyst Ezra Klein guest hosted the show for Chris. He began the discussion with the war in Afghanistan, after a violent week in which Staff Sergeant Robert Bales was accused of killing sixteen Afghan civilians and an Afghan interpreter attempted to crash a truck into visiting Defense Secretary Leon Panetta's plane. Guest Rajiv Chandrasekaran of the Washington Post called the events a series of "unforced errors" in the war effort. Meanwhile, Ezra's Story of the Week offered a critique on the assumption that presidential speeches lead to happy policy endings. The story was based on Ezra's New Yorker article and their senior editor Hendrik Hertzberg joined to discuss. Also, Ezra and his guests covered the lack of diversity among Republican voters and provided their Now We Knows from the week. Joining Ezra on the panel were:

Jodi Kantor (@jodikantor), New York Times reporter and author ofThe Obamas.

Spencer Ackerman (@attackerman), contributor to's "Danger Room" and national security correspondent at theWashington Independent.

Nancy Giles (@nancygilesnyc), contributor at "CBS News Sunday Morning".

Elise Jordan (@Elise_Jordan), former National Security Council staffer and speechwriter.

-Brett Brownell (@brettbrownell) is video and web producer for Up w/ Chris Hayes which airs Saturday and Sunday mornings on MSNBC.