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Scott Brown's troublesome summer continues [Updated]

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Update: According to research from Red Mass Group, Brown wasn't doing the plagiarizing, he was the one being plagiarized. The relevant portions are similar, but if Brown's text was published first, he's obviously not to blame. The original report as published:

Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) is in the midst of a very tough re-election fight, and probably hoped for a trouble-free summer to position him for a strong push in the fall. It's not working out that way at all.

Brown has run into a series of troubles, including touting a strange conspiracy theory, talking up imaginary phone calls, denying the existence of oil company subsidies he's voted for, "kings and queens," and his stumbling on one of the few bill he's actually passed.

This week, Brown scheduled a major policy speech, "but did not include any new policy pronouncements," and walked "out the back door with a cellphone to his ear as he was chased by reporters."

But Blue Mass Group has come up with a new problem, noting the similarities between Brown's words and those of Earline Parmon, a Republican lawmaker in North Carolina.

Here's Brown's website...

"America is a great country, but we face very serious challenges that we need to solve if we're going to pass on a better, brighter and stronger nation to our kids and grandkids. The most pressing issue before us is getting the economy moving again. Our national unemployment rate is still unacceptably high. Millions of Americans remain out of work, or are stuck in part-time jobs when they would prefer full-time employment. Middle-class families are hurting as they struggle to make ends meet. They're worried about their future, and that of their children and grandchildren."

... and here's Parmon's website:

"North Carolina is a great State, but we continue to face very serious challenges that need resolution. In order for us to pass on a better, brighter and stronger nation to our children and grandchildren, it is critical that we get the economy moving again. Our national unemployment rate is still unacceptably high and the unemployment rate in North Carolina remains high. Middle-class families struggle to make ends meet and most cannot afford health insurance."

Granted, this isn't a straight copy and paste, but given the repeated phrases -- "serious challenges," "better, brighter and stronger nation," "get the economy moving again," "our national unemployment rate is still unacceptably high," "make ends meet" -- in the same order, I suspect Brown's work would get flagged for plagiarism in any college classroom.

And, of course, given that Brown was already caught in one plagiarism flap last fall, it's not like he can fall back on his unimpeachable credibility.