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SCOTUS: Anticipation...

The New York Daily News: “It is D-Day for Obamacare — and hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers will lose benefits if the Supreme Court strikes down all of the divisive health care law.”

AP: “Supreme Court health care ruling on tap: Who wins, who loses, who pays?”

And the AP makes this point: “They've known the outcome for three months. Now it's time for the nine Supreme Court justices to share it with the world.”

And another AP piece looks at how the states might deal with whatever the decision might be: “As the nation awaits the Supreme Court ruling on President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, states across the country are considering how they will respond to the historic decision. Some Democratic-led states vow to push ahead with various provisions no matter what happens. In some Republican territories, elected officials insist they will try to hold off on implementing the law, even if the court upholds it. And most states are bound to miss key deadlines if the law or even pieces of it survive.”