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Seacrest: If Kim Kardashian was an Olympian, she'd play...

Peter Kramer / NBC News

...beach volleyball! Read on to find out about J.Lo. As he gets set to make his Olympic correspondent debut on TODAY Wednesday, Ryan Seacrest answered a few of our burning questions about the Games, his busy schedule and his newest "dream-come-true" gig. 

What’s your earliest Olympic memory?

My first real Olympic memory was Bruce Jenner gracing the cover of my breakfast cereal (which technically was preceded by him winning the gold medal for the decathlon). I still truly believe that only a man with the ability to master 10 different events at the same time could possibly keep up with all the Kardashian girls.

Is there an Olympic sport you just don’t get? Decathlon? Dressage?

If we're going on name alone it's dressage because it sounds like something from "Project Runway." But as far as other sport surprises, it would have to be badminton and trampoline. I did both as a kid in our neighbors' backyards. But Olympians here in London take things to a whole new level, as obviously they are playing for way more than popsicles.  

If you were an Olympian, what sport would you play?

Basketball, as long as we're pretending.

Do you think you could beat Justin Bieber in 100-meter dash? How about fencing against Matt Lauer? 

If this is just between you and me I'll say "probably"...but if they're going to hear about this, then I'll say "maybe."

If celebs were Olympians, what would they play? 

Jennifer Lopez would be a rhythmic gymnast, Adele would be an equestrian, Kim Kardashian would play beach volleyball, and rumor is, Matt and Al Roker have a pretty mean synchronized swimming routine they bust out at pool parties. As for Charlie Sheen, he would be the first to take home the gold in a sport that he invented.

How do you juggle all your commitments plus this new London gig?

It's all about staying organized...That, and I pin a note to my pajamas with the name of the city I'll be waking up in. Actually, I'm surrounded by some of the most talented, hardest working people in the industry and you can never take your team for granted — and I certainly don't. They are amazing, and I am grateful for the tremendous collaboration that makes everything I do happen. I definitely am not a solo act.

It's a dream come true to be here as an ambassador for both NBC and the United States of America...and also as the first alternate for the race walking team.

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