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Seen in Maine: 'We did not vote for Paul LePage'

Senior producer Cory Gnazzo saw a couple of these bumper stickers in Maine last week. They refer to Republican Governor Paul LePage winning the three-way governor's race in 2010 with 38 percent of the vote. Two years later, Governor LePage's recent service gets this gloss from the Kennebec Journal's opinion page:

So to sum up, this is what our head of marketing tells the world: Our people are lazy and won't work; our state employees are corrupt; everyone thinks our kids are stupid.

Even if those things were true, why would we pay someone to advertise it? And since they're not true, why pay someone to slander us?

Also happening in Maine: The Secretary of State announced that a referendum asking for civil marriage equality will be the first question on the ballot in November. If an ad's moving-ness equated directly to electoral victory, then the pro-equality activists Maine are a lock.