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Selling a 'wave of fear' in Colorado recalls

Between the $54 million "erotic grammy," the accusations of faked signatures and the late-breaking Libertarian candidates, it can sometimes be difficult to follow the Colorado state senate recalls, or even to keep track of who's in which race. Right up until Friday, Colorado was still struggling with when the election would be held and how it would be conducted.

But every so often, even through the muddle, you can see quite clearly what the recalls of Democrats John Morse and Angela Giron are about -- namely, stopping gun reform across the states. Senators Morse and Giron voted for Colorado's reform back in March, some of the nation's first after the Newtown massacre. Come September 10, the anti-reform lobby wants to make a cautionary tale of them for legislators everywhere. In a clip first posted by ColoradoPols, Jon Caldara of the Colorado Independence Institute promises anti-reform voters:

If the president of the Senate of Colorado, who did nothing except pass the laws that Bloomberg wrote, gets knocked out, there will be a shudder, a wave of fear that runs across every state legislator across the country, that says, "I ain't doing that ever. That is not happening to me. I will not become a national embarrassment, I will not take on those guys." That's how big this is. 

As ColoradoPols notes, the folks trying to recall Morse -- and, by extension, Giron -- will need the support of swing voters to succeed. Those voters "may well ask themselves if they want to be part of 'a wave of fear' in support of guns -- and answer 'no, that sounds creepy,' " ColoradoPols writes, especially in a state that has experiencedwaves of fearabout guns already.