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Sen. Boxer's petition calls on Romney to release tax returns

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) joined Ed Schultz Wednesday night to talk about a new report showing that we could be headed for another recession next year if Congress refuses to take action. But she also found time to mention her effort to up the pressure on Mitt Romney to release his tax returns, via a petition she says she'll deliver to Romney Thursday.

"I think we know that Mitt Romney shipped jobs overseas by the tens of thousands," Boxer said on The Ed Show. "Did he also ship money overseas? I want to know that and my constituents want to know that."

Boxer invoked the example of Romney's father George, the governor of Michigan and a presidential candidate himself.

"You know, father knows best," she said. "His dad said, 12 years of income tax returns, that's what you should do, son. He talked to all of us, he said, if you run for president, you have to do that."

Boxer said people who want to sign can go to