Seychelles Mystery Deaths: No Illegal Drugs Found in Korkki Sisters’ Room

Sisters Found Dead At Seychelles Resort 1:23

No illegal drugs were found in the luxury hotel room where two American sisters were found dead in the Seychelles last week, local police said Tuesday.

Investigators did find alcohol and prescription medication inside Anne and Robin Korkki's villa at the $2,000-a-night Maia Luxury Resort and Spa, Seychelles police spokesman Jean Toussaint told NBC News.

Robin Korkki, 42, died of "acute pulmonary edema" and Anne Korkki, 37, of "acute pulmonary and cerebral edema," according to autopsy results released Friday.

Image: Annie and Robin Korkki
Annie and Robin Korkki. Courtesy of Chris Korkki via KARE

This cause of death — accumulation of fluid in the lungs and brain — told officials little about what caused this reaction.

Their bodies were found by hotel staff on Sept. 22 and showed "no visible signs of injuries," according to Friday's autopsy. A ongoing toxicology test may prove more revealing but will likely take weeks to complete.

At least one major news organization has speculated following the postmortem that the pair died of a drug overdose.

Toussaint, the Seychelles police spokesman, would not comment on speculation but said no illegal drugs were found in the room.

"Items of interest found in the Korkkis' room includes alcohol and different types of medications," he told NBC News in an email. "No illegal drugs were found in the sisters' room."

Image: A map showing the Seychelles
The Seychelles is an archipelago off the east coast of Africa. Google Maps

Annie Korkki worked at JPMorgan Chase in Denver and Robin Korkki was a financial trader in Chicago. They both went to high school in Minnesota.

"We still don't know how they died," their brother, Chris Korkki, told NBC News from his home in Minnesota last Thursday. "The U.S. Embassy has been incredibly helpful but there are more questions than answers."

The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands some 800 miles from the East African coast, known for its beaches and high-end luxury resorts.