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Sharpton: GOP's diversity push an 'optical illusion'

On PoliticsNation Thursday, Rev. Al took on the GOP's push to highlight the party's minority stars, including Condi Rice, Marco Rubio, Susana Martinez, and Mia Love.

Al pointed out that the party's platform hasn't reflected that same commitment to diversity. On immigration, the party wants to make life so unpleasant for undocumented immigrants that they return home, said Sharpton. On voting, the party now officially supports restrictions on voting that hit African-Americans the hardest. And Mitt Romney's recent welfare ad, telling viewers that thanks to a policy change, the Obama administration will now "just send you a check," is a "false attack with some ugly undertones," Al said.

"This diversity push is just an optical illusion," Sharpton concluded. 

Something to keep in mind as the GOP continues its pageant of diversity tonight.