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Sheryl Crow gets restraining order against 'dangerous' man

Sheryl Crow
Sheryl CrowTim Mosenfelder / Getty Images Contributor

Sheryl Crow knows all about the difficult kind.

The singer secured a three-year restraining order today against 45-year-old James Philip Sparks, who, according to her original court filing for a temporary order of protection, ranted about her on Facebook and threatened to shoot her.

Crow had stated in court documents that her manager informed her of the perceived threat.

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Sparks, according to Crow's filing, had written on Facebook and online message boards that the Grammy winner, working in cahoots with film producer Harvey Weinstein, had broken into his place to surreptitiously film him and then somehow cheated him out of money for a reality show he was supposed to be on.

Crow's manager then informed her that, in mid-July, Sparks went to the SAG-AFTRA headquarters in L.A. and told an employee that he was going to "just shoot" her.

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"This statement was obviously extremely alarming to me," Crow declared, having also written that it was "clear to [her] that he was deeply disturbed because his posts were delusional, rambling, filled with profanity and laced with angry rants."

At today's hearing, a psychiatrist testifying on Crow's behalf called Sparks "dangerous."

He is now required to stay away from and not attempt to contact the singer, her family, her manager and other employees for the next three years.

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