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Sign language interpreter rapidly raps with her hands to Wu-Tang Clan

Image: Wu-Tang Clan interpreter

If you've ever had trouble keeping up with rapid fire hip-hop lyrics, especially those of the multi-member group Wu-Tang Clan, well, try singing along with your hands.

A new viral video featured on the website Now This News shows Wu-Tang performing at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Tennessee last Friday. Just below the stage is an American Sign Language interpreter identified as Holly, rapidly rapping along in the 25-second clip.

Holly does an excellent job of keeping up with at least eight guys on stage with mics, and puts more effort into feeling the beat than any of them.

Now This News also points to this awesome Vine of Holly doing her thing for R. Kelly, also at Bonnaroo.

The viral goodness of it all is reminiscent of the popularity of Lydia Callis, the interpreter for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Callis rose to fame because of her work during news conferences in the midst of Hurricane Sandy last fall.

And a college student named Anna scored almost 4 million YouTube views with her interpretation of Cee Lo Green's popular (and profane) hit "F--- You" from a couple years ago during a final for a sign language class she was taking.