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Sizing up the party fundraising

Earlier this morning, we wrote that President Obama has a 10-to-1 advantage over Mitt Romney when it comes to cash on hand (but it's less than 2-to-1 when you add many of the outside groups).

But how do the political parties stack up? Democrats have raised more money during the 2012 cycle, yet Republicans have more in the bank.

The Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee have raised almost $300 million, and they have more than $70 million in the bank. (The DNC holds $5 million in debt.)

This includes what the DSCC says was it's best first fundraising quarter ever (January through March). 

Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and the National Republican Congressional Committee have raised more than $250 million and have nearly $80 million in the bank. (The RNC holds $9.9 million in debt.)

Total raised:
RNC: $123.7 million
NRCC: $73.8 million
NRSC: $55.7

DNC: $154.8 million
DCCC: $83.6 million
DSCC: $59 million

Cash on hand:
RNC: $32.7 million
NRCC: $27.1 million
NRSC: $19.6 million

DNC: $24.4 million
DCCC: $22.8 million
DSCC: $24 million