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Spotify gets makeover, Pandora-like radio stations


Did you just hear a loud smack? That was the sound of Spotify nearly knocking out Pandora — a competing music screaming service — by matching its radio-style music discovery tools.

According to a post on the official Spotify blog, the service has completely overhauled the Spotify Radio feature.

It is now possible to create stations based on artists or tracks — rather than just genres — and receive endless playlists full of similar tunes. Unlike with Pandora, there is no limit on how many of the recommended tracks can be skipped each hour, so don't worry if you don't like something. (Oh, and there's no limit on how many stations you can make either.)

While those improvements are incredible and turn Spotify into a serious threat for Pandora — which is popular for its music recommendation engine — they still miss one of the older streaming service's key features: The chance for users to "like" and "dislike" songs in order to teach the tool to make better personal recommendations.

The new Spotify features will be rolling out in a few days — along with Spotify apps — but you can already check out a preview by peeking into Spotify's "secret labs" section.

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