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State-level cuts to child care impacting working mothers

Jill Connelly / AP file has an interesting piece today about the difficult choices facing working mothers at a time when many states are cutting child care subsidizes in the face of budget shortfalls. 

It included the below sampling of where some of those cuts are taking place courtesy of the National Women's Law Center.

  • In California, Gov. Jerry Brown's proposed budget would cut spending on child care and early education by $517 million. The cuts “would deprive 62,000 children of the opportunity to participate in these programs," according to the Law Center. Income eligibility limit for child-care assistance would be reduced from $42,216 a year for a family of three to $38,180 a year for a family of three. 
  • In Florida, over 75,000 children are on a waiting list for child-care assistance.
  • In Maine, Gov. Paul LePage proposed funding cuts that would eliminate child-care assistance for half of the families currently receiving it. 
  • New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed a budget for fiscal 2013 that, together with planned systemic changes, “would result in 15,900 children losing their child care program and 31,800 children losing their after-school program as of September of 2012," according to the Law Center.